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This 101 Level 1 Course is an introduction to Pistol or Revolver ownership. This handgun Course is for the person who owns a Handgun or recently became a pistol permit holder and never went about the fundamentals of its use. New owners, women and couples are encouraged to participate. Range time and range instruction include gun handling skill and manipulation, basic knowledge necessary to safe gun, handling, stances, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breathing, follow through, loading, firing, and most important muzzle management. The student will find this course to be the perfect foundation for Handgun use.

Classroom and range time: Appointment to be made with Instructor is a must. Session last approximately 2 hours. Range safety briefing and Emergency medical care is also addressed during every course.

101 - Everyday Handgun

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  • Estimated round count: 100 or more.
    Equipment list: Handgun, magazine, loader, dummy rounds, eye and ear protection.

    All shooters will demonstrate firearms handling skill, manipulation and dry fire techniques before live fire.

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