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Skills Builder: Defensive Shotgun - 201

In the shotgun world there are about 4-5 different types of shotgun shooting/training, the everyday shotgun, Defensive shotgun, Tactical shotgun, and Competition shotgun i.e. trap and skeet, USPSA and steel challenge competition just to name a few. In the shotgun experience level 2 (201) you can pick the type of training that you would like to attend. In the everyday/defense there will be a 1hour lectures and/or oral presentation of the NY standard law for in the home and outside the home course. In the competition/sports there will also be a 1 hour lectures oral presentation on the rules of the game and the course of fire for the competition/sports. The manipulation and the bases of safe gun handling skills can be applied to all levels of shotgun shooting. This knowledge is necessary to safe gun handling, Stands, Sight alignment, Sight picture, Shooting from the hip, Trigger control, Breathing, Follow through, loading, firing, home safety, safe storage, transporting, and most important muzzle management and the student will be able to educate family members about the fire arm. The student will find this course to be the perfect foundation.

Range Time: 2-3 Hours. Range safety briefing and Emergency medical care is also addressed during every course.

Pre Requisite Required: Everyday Shotgun Level 1 (101)

201 - Defensive Shotgun

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  • Pre Requisite Required: Everyday Shotgun Level 1 (101)

    Estimated round count: 20 Slugs, or more 25 rounds or more of birdshot sizes #6, #7, or #8.

    Equipment list: Shotgun with additional chokes if available, shotgun shell carrier of any kind, footwear with rubber soles suitable for rapid movement and turning, clothing suitable for training, hat with a brim, eye and ear protection.

    All shooters will demonstrate firearms handling skill, manipulation and dry fire techniques before live fire.
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