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Skills Builder: Transition Defensive Carbine/Rifle to Pistol - 203

INSTRUCTOR: WALTER TABELISMA** Transition Carbine/Rifle to Pistol 202 is a Level 2 course which takes the shooter into the next level of basic and dynamic, reality drills and live fire action scenarios. This 2.5 hour class is specifically designed to teach the students how to transition from the carbine to his pistol (secondary firearm) standing still, on the move, or behind cover, to static fire training. The main objective of this course is basic movement with advanced tactics in gun handling, gun presentation from the low ready position, mag reloading, recoil management, malfunctions, knowing the condition of your gun, stances, follow through, cover vs concealment, and most importantly muzzle management. Defensive drills will allow the students to effectively train using a defense of carbon/rifle and pistol, in and outside of the home and in a defensive tactical situation.

Range Hours: 2.5 hours. Range safety briefing and Emergency medical care is also addressed during every course.

Pre Requisite Required: Everyday Handgun Level 1 (101), Defensive Handgun Level 2 (201) or (202), and Defensive Carbine/Rifle Level 2 (201).

203 - Transition Defensive Rifle to Pistol

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  • Pre Requisite Required: Defensive Carbine/Rifle Level 2 (201).

    Estimated round count: 150 or more for Carbine/Rifle and Pistol.

    Equipment list– Carbine/Rifle and pistol, 3 to 4 10 round rifle and pistol magazines (Law enforcement & Military Hi Cap mags) and pouches, gun holster, rifle sling, duty rig, footwear with rubber soles suitable for rapid movement and turning, clothing suitable for training, hat with a brim, Knee and Elbow pads, shooting gloves, eyes and ear protection.

    All shooters will demonstrate firearms handling skill, manipulation and dry fire techniques before live fire.
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