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Advanced Skill Builder: Low Light Shooting - 301

INSTRUCTOR: Walter Tabelisma & Tim Lisa ** This is a 301 Level 3 course. Many engagements of potential threats or encounters can occur in low light environments. This advanced workshop takes you into the world of defense and adverse situations where light becomes a contributing factor. Learn how to defend yourself without the use of a light source in a low or no light situation. The student must have weapon system familiarity of their equipment, foundational marksmanship skills, must be able to work from the holster in daylight before going zero dark. We will cover building, or outdoor scenarios, the student must be able to demonstrate safe gun handling skills, and manipulation, basic knowledge necessary for safe gun handling, loading, firing and most importantly, muzzle management. The student will find this course to be the perfect foundation for low light shooting.

Range Time: 2.5 hours. Range safety briefing and Emergency medical care is also addressed during every course.

Pre Requisite Required:

Everyday Handgun Level 1 (101), and Defensive Handgun Level 2 (201) or (202).


Everyday Rifle Level 1 (101), and Defensive Rifle Level 2 (201) or (202).

301 - Low Light Shooting

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  • Pre Requisite Required: Everyday Handgun Level 1 (101), and Defensive Handgun Level 2 (201) or (202).

    Estimated round count: 200 or more.
    Equipment list: Handgun, magazine, loader, 3 to 4 magazines and mag pouches, belt mount holster or duty rig, footwear with rubber soles suitable for rapid movement and turning, clothing suitable for training, hat with a brim, eye and ear protection, a hand held or gun mounted quality of flashlight lumens at least 65/120 lumens, and a flashlight pouch.

    All shooters will demonstrate firearms handling skill, manipulation and dry fire techniques before live fire.
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