Advanced Skill Builder: Reality World Scenario Training - 401

INSTRUCTOR: CESAR PINERO ** You might have taken a pistol class or have range experience with a firearm, but in a REAL LIFE SITUATION do you know how well you will react? Reality World Scenario Training is designed to use firearms with non-lethal rounds. You will be put in force-on-target and force-on-force scenarios. You will be able to train as close to reality without compromising range safety.

Reality World Scenario Training will utilize Real World scenarios to raise your stress level. Elevated stress levels will cause your body and mind to “adjust” within the stress and ”turn on” your learned conditioned responses. In other words, repeated stress scenarios will develop your conditioned responses to allow you to react in the proper way to survive. The student will learn awareness, how to recognize potential threats and how to avoid dangerous areas and situations.

401 - Reality World Scenario Training

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